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Limited Edition Wooden Case

Your favorite four altogether in a beautiful wooden case.

You can use the dolls and their affirmation cards to connect and have conversations with your little one. What went well today, are you proud of or wish was better? Which animal would give you strength right now, which one can you learn from? 

Through play, it's much easier for your child to talk. It's less confrontational and it can help them express themselves.

The box also contains a list of open-ended questions you can use as a tool to help you get some beautiful answers and to get to know your child even better. Next to that you will receive the other affirmation cards from Bunny, Squirrel, and Bear with a little wooden standard for display. Lastly, a tip on how to create a little mindfulness corner for a positive time-out when your child needs to wind down.

— All handmade product
— All educational dolls are CE - certified
— Copyright of Maple Forest

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