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Affirmation Posters


The affirmation posters make a perfect addition to your child's bedroom. The watercolor design is beautiful and sparks the imagination. 

More importantly, the sweet and positive poems give strength and support. 
You can use the posters to create a corner of inspiration for your child. A safe spot where they can retreat to, calm down and reflect.

Size and language in stock: Dutch, A3, 420 x 297 mm
Prefer a different size or English? Anything is possible, just send me a message through email, as described in the contact page below.

The poems on the posters are written around the following themes:

  • Fawn — Positive self-image
  • Hedgehog — Courage
  • Bear — Grief
  • Raccoon — React calmly
  • Owl — Ask for help
  • Bunny — Mindfulness
  • Squirrel — Resilience
  • Raven — Growth Mindset

Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions and thank you for stopping by.

All designs, products, and pictures are copyright of Maple Forest.

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