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About us

The story behind Maple Forest started when I was living in New York.
My husband and I moved there when our daughter was 5 months old.
Up until then, I was working as an educational therapist with child services.
There, in our new home far away from home, I started thinking about new ways to fulfil my ambitions. 

What always bothered me was the lack of easy, positive tools to use at home with small children. The products available, were either to methodical or not nice to look at. Based on my experience as an educational therapist and as a mom, I wanted to change this. 

Soon after my daughter, my son was born. Both have completely different, but beautiful passionate personalities. Especially with my son, I soon noticed he needed more attention to steer him through his emotional world. He was angry and frustrated a lot, but also very sensitive. My daughter has always had confidence issues. 

With my son and daughter in mind, Maple Forest was born and the first four characters came to life. 
Their characters, and with it, their struggles and emotions, became a story. To make it easy for children to relate and to remember, their message was put into rhyme. 

Fawn is based on my daughter, through the years she has loved Fawn and her message. Right now she can read it by herself and she often does. Raccoon is based on my son. Explosive at times, but in the meantime very sensitive. Although his outbursts often create an opposite effect, what he needed is for everyone to stay calm. As moms, we know how hard this can be at times, and so I created Racoon's little message for both child and parent: to breath it out together.

Bunny and Squirrel were created when we moved back to Amsterdam after 4 years. Change can have such an impact on children, sometimes as parents, we can underestimate it a little bit. Luckily Squirrel was there to help! With all the change that was going on, a quiet and relaxing bedtime routine helped us out tremendously. This gave me the inspiration for Bunny. Her soft body and relaxing words are a great way to create a loving and calm bedtime routine.

Our latest friend of the forest is Raven with his growth mindset card. I feel he is an important one. With todays pressure on children to perform, having a growth mindset can make all the difference to make them more resilient in the process. 

All Maple Forest products are designed to create easy but beautiful tools to help children and parents deal with emotions. I hope you will grow to love them just as much as I do!

The watercolor design was brought to life by the very talented Niki Stage. Everything I think up, she makes real. Here is her amazing website.


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