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Bear helps with grief

Processing loss, grief

Little Bear is a special project created together with my best friend who deals with loss professionally and has dealt with personally. We realized, for young children, there is not a lot on the market right now to give them comfort when losing a loved one. We wanted to change this and so Bear was born.

Bear will protect you with his strong claws and comfort you with his soft thick fur. 
Accompanied by an affirmation card to let go of the tension and tears, but keep the love in your heart. Loss can take many forms in a child's mind. Family members, pets and even things that are gone or broken can have an impact. However big or small, Bear is here to help you get through.

Read more about the affirmation cards here. Available in Dutch and English. 

      • You can wash Bear on a low temp, tumble dry setting over and over again. No colors will be lost.
      • Eco - Friendly
      • Bear is lightweight so it can accompany your child anywhere.The watercolor design is printed on, making sure Bear is safe for the littlest with no parts that can cause choking hazards. 
      • Bear is made out of the softest minky fabric, printed on by Spoonflower, a company that only uses responsible fabrics and toxic free dyes. 

All our educational dolls are safe and CE - certified.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions and thank you for stopping by.

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