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Mothers Day free printable!

May 04, 2019

Mothers Day free printable!

This little blog is for all the hard-working, always juggling, often feeling guilty, sleep deprived, spinning gold, completely loving and beautiful mommas out there.

Mothers Day seems to be falling into the background a little bit the last couple of years, with less and fewer schools paying attention to it with handmade crafts from the kids. Shops filling the gap with loads of stuff to buy, leaving a growing number of people with a lack of significance to keep celebrating it.

It's a shame....some of my best memories are putting great effort into showing my mom how special she is to me. I feel Mothers Day is a beautiful opportunity to make children aware of all the hard work moms put in every day. To stop and make them think for a second what this means, and how they can say thank you in their own special way. Not with presents of course, but with something they made themselves. Something they poured their little souls into.

Maple Forest wanted to help out the hardworking, equally super cool significant other caregivers who are tasked to oversee this important momentum with a sweet written message to accompany all the masterpieces.

Best of all, it's free! Download the original card hereor if you prefer a nice pink one, download here.

Let all mommy's know you love them to the moon and back!

Moederdag kaart 

Much love, 

Maple Forest

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