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Affirmation Cards and Positive Parenting

October 23, 2017

Affirmation Cards and Positive Parenting

How to deal with emotions is one of the most essential life skills we learn growing up. Children's emotions can be raw and intense, with no future or past to hold them back, just the here and the now. Their open hearts are beautiful, and it's up to us caregivers to nurture this openness and be their light to navigate them though.

Being a mom of two spirited children, Maple Forest started when I was searching for a way to support their emotions in a nurturing way. Teaching them to pay attention to their emotions instead of pushing them away, so they get a better understanding of their inner world.

This understanding will help them to think positive, knowing that we can’t always feel good about everything and that this is OK, promote problem-solving skills and lay the groundwork for a healthy self-image. It will be an inexhaustible resource for them in their journey to adulthood, helping them have healthy connections with others.

Inspired by play and nature, each cuddly friend is created around a social skill. The animals come with a little poem that you can read out loud with your child. Making them not only feel safe and supported but creating an opening for conversation and connection. In order to be the best soundboard for your child, it’s important to understand your own emotions first. Making the cards not only important for children but for you as well, grounding you and pulling you back into the now.

Next, to my degree in Educational sciences, I’ve always had a maker's heart. I believe in toys with intention, sparking imaginative play but also creating comfort and safety. My mission is to give every caregiver a hands-on tool how to connect with their child and teach them positive life skills.


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